About Us
Our state-of-the-art dental office is located at Mel Lastman Square, right at the North York City Centre subway station.
We focus on adult cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Our team constantly stays on top of all the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring that our clients receive the best treatment possible.
Drs. Jerry Jesin and Rob Eisen have both completed a post-graduate program in Cosmetic Dentistry at the University of Buffalo in 1995, and have been leading cosmetic dentists in the GTA for many years.
We believe that a dental visit needs to be enjoyable. After all, cosmetic dentistry can radically change a person’s life for the better. Therefore our office is designed to let you relax in a comfortable atmosphere while we take care of you. You can enjoy a movie or listen to good music while we perfect your smile.
Call us today, and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have!

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