All-on-Four Procedure
'All-on-Four' is a permanent dental implant system that uses only four implants to support immediately loaded full-arch prosthesis. Compared to traditional implants it is a much faster and less invasive procedure. Typically a patient will be able to smile and begin using their new teeth on the same day.
The procedure was pioneered in Europe and has grown in popularity over the past 20 years due to its impressive success rate. It is presently the most advanced tooth restoration solution for people who have lost all their teeth or are at risk of losing them.
Why Chose All-on-4 Over Traditional Implants?
  • Lower overall cost for the patient
  • Much faster and more efficient — typically a patient has full functionality after just one appointment
  • Significantly reduced healing time
  • The procedure is less stressful to the bone
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for bone grafting — avoid unnecessary surgery
Patients typically complain of pain, discomfort and gag reflex Patients enjoy comfortable feel of natural teeth
Embarrassment of slipping dentures when talking or smiling Restores Self Confidence - Never lose your teeth again!
Cannot eat hard or sticky foods Eat any food you like!
Need to be taken out every night Teeth stay in place permanently
Require messy adhesives and specific cleaning/maintenance rituals Just brush and go!
Reduced bite force, loss function Restored bite force and full function
Block taste and temperature receptors Retain or restore full taste and temperature sensitivity
Patients report marginal or no improvement in quality of life Patients report significant improvement in quality of life

Are you self-conscious about your teeth?

Are you experiencing discomfort?

How secure do you feel while eating?

I'm very careful
with what I eat
I can eat anything

How happy are you with appearance of your teeth?

Not happy Very happy