Why Choose Us?
  • EXPERIENCE: as one of the first clinics to offer All-On-4 in the GTA, we have performed over a hundred procedures
  • ALTERNATIVES: with over 25 years experience in cosmetic and implant dentistry we can find a solution to any cosmetic or dental problem
  • FINANCING: we offer flexible payment options
  • FREE CONSULTATION: our initial consultation is free of charge($100 Value)

Get the smile you have always wanted — we will design the most beautiful and natural smile to give you the confidence you deserve!

What are the Benefits of All-on-Four Procedure?
  • Full smile restoration in one day — no more loose or floppy dentures
  • No lengthy recuperating time — you will be able to smile and eat the same day
  • Eat any food without fear — these permanent implants guarantee stability and functionality just like natural teeth
  • Retain your natural taste and temperature sensation
  • Unlike traditional implants and dentures, most cases do not require bone grafting
  • The procedure can be performed safely on patients of any age
  • Guaranteed quality of life improvement — you will once again smile and eat with complete confidence
  • One time long term solution — the implants have the potential to last a lifetime
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